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What motivates us …

Like any design studio out there, we are driven by the need to be creative. Our greatest achievement is when we get to sit back and look at the brands and businesses that we helped bring to life.

Our goal for our client’s brands to be the most ogled at, shared and talked about.  Ultimately we want our client’s brands to look the best and sell the most! When we achieve that – we know we have done our job right.

Below you’ll find a little information about the Partners & Founders of Oliver & Spence. We’re a small design and branding studio with a team of amazingly talented designers and programmers. We hope you’re excited to get started – we’re always excited to meet new people, see potential success opportunities hiding inside a business, and to start a new project.

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Kim Wallace

Founder - Creative Brand Director
Kim Wallace is the visionary and Creative Director for everything Oliver & Spence. She likes to say that she’s been in the business of creating lush online brands since the start of the internet. She is a designer by trade, entrepreneur by heart. She gets how brands tick. She gets why people choose the way they do. It’s not the how, it’s always the why that fascinates her. Kim’s visual and intellectual vision are the foundation for the O&S brands and successes.
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Jay Wallace

Founder - Director of Operations
Jay Wallace, the man that keeps all the balls in the air in the studio. We like to affectionally call him our ringmaster as he keeps the teams excelling, producing the best for our clients. Jay comes to the agency with a boat load of expertise. After finishing up his computer science degree, Jay found joy in building business software before co-founding Oliver & Spence. Not one to sit on his laurels, Jay also developed a curriculum for Business Analysis that is taught at SAIT Polytechnic. When he's not busy in his BA work or teaching one of his courses, he finds time to keep all the Oliver & Spence's ducks in a row, and the operation running smoothly.

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We want your brand to look the best and sell the most!

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